About Your Smile

Let your smile reflect the real you

It is true your smile says a lot about you. Not only does it reflect your personality, but it also shows your inherited facial and dental structure, any damage you’ve experienced and the care you take of your teeth.

If you are not comfortable with your smile, it can affect the way you behave and you may avoid grinning or smiling widely. Some people get used to covering their mouth when they smile or laugh, and almost feel that it’s normal to do so.

If you are not totally pleased with your smile, modern dentistry has much to offer that can enhance your natural smile. Here at Trembath Dental, we can analyse your smile and make recommendations that will help you feel more confident and self assured about your appearance.

When you feel comfortable with your smile, it can be a wonderful asset that reflects self confidence and Trembath Dental can help.

We use the latest technology to easily correct common problems such as discoloured teeth, gaps between teeth, missing teeth, overlapping front teeth, poorly shaped front teeth or chipped teeth. Sometimes previous dental work is no longer cosmetically acceptable, so the replacement of old fillings and some simple cosmetic whitening can also quickly make a big improvement to your smile.

Be realistic about your expectations

It’s hard to escape being bombarded with images of what society sees as perfect bodies and faces. It is important though that we don’t become obsessed with the idea of perfection, after all it would be a boring world if everyone looked identical. Hollywood or “extreme makeover” smiles do come at a cost and are not suited to every person. Remember there are always methods of improving what nature has given you and help enhance a pleasing smile.

So what can be done? Chat to our friendly team here at Trembath Dental to discuss a range of options including bonding, porcelain veneers, bleaching or whitening, crownwork, bridgework, orthodontics and implants.

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What is your Perfect Smile?

Only YOU are the best judge of your smile. Are you pleased with it? Or feel it could be better? Do you have well thought out ideas about what needs to be done to enhance your smile ? OR you maybe vaguely unhappy without knowing how you would make an improvement.

Talking to us is your first step. Tell us your concerns and we can diagnose your unique problems, offer you the best solutions and help achieve a smile you can’t wait to show off.